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Rallisport challenge- Xbox classics Race


Artikelcode: Xbox32304

Rallisport challenge- Xbox classics  Race

Rallisport Challenge is actually four different rally games in one. There are a total of 41 tracks spread across 12 different environments, and each one of these falls under one of four unique rally types. There are the traditional rally races, wherein you race against the clock throughout a series of checkpoints; ice racing, which involves competing against three other opponents on ice-slicked roads; hill climbs, which are similar to rally races, but your overall objective is to scale a mountain as fast as possible; and rally cross events, which are circuit-based races against other drivers on tracks that have several different types of terrain, like mud, gravel, or asphalt. To be precise, the tracks in the game are made up of one of six different terrain types, and each one has a dramatic effect on the way your car handles. Tarmac, for example, provides for extraordinary grip but makes it somewhat difficult for you to powerslide through corners, a technique that's a staple of rally racing. Gravel and mud, on the other hand, will affect how fast you accelerate in a straight line, but the relative lack of traction makes it easier to push your car around turns. Before every race, you're given the option of choosing a tire compound that's best suited for the current track conditions, but things such as changing weather conditions (a light drizzle at the start of a race might clear up by the time you cross the finish line) and multiple surface types (some tracks consist of mud and gravel or tarmac and sand) will add a bit of challenge to this selection process.

Euro 7.95